Since 2004, ProArteDanza has been showcasing the best choreographers and dancers from ballet and modern dance backgrounds to critical acclaim and sold out houses.

After being absent on stage for 3 years, ProArteDanza returns with its annual fall season. With an increased sense of loneliness experienced by many, ProArteDanza reconnects with a mixed program.

What's On

November 2020

This recent dance film portrays a woman who transcends darkness and loneliness through connection and joy, even as she is isolated with only inanimate objects for companionship. 

September 2021

WINNER of Best Documentary Short at the Calgary Independent Film Festival & WINNER of Best Producer at the Phoenix Short Film Festival! Purchase the link for $15

March 2020 video release

Watch a live performance of the critically acclaimed 21st century perspective on Beethoven’s 9th symphony, exploring social and political themes performed with the company’s intense physicality.

Committed to “passion in performance”, ProArteDanza strives to reach the widest possible audience through an open, equitable and inclusive culture which fosters artistic risk-taking, innovation and collaboration.

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