• World premiere, Figaro 2.0 (Glumbek, Campanella), November 1-3 & 7-10, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Showing of Figaro 2.0 (Glumbek, Campanella) October 14, Toronto
  • Work-in-Progress Showing of Figaro 2.0 (Glumbek, Campanella) April 14, Toronto


  • World premiere, Future Perfect Continuous (Matjash Mrozewski) November 1-4, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • World premiere, Op Sha ! (Kevin O’Day), November 1-4, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Dansencore, June 10, Trois Rivieres, Quebec


  • Choreographic Workshop & Showing of Beethoven’s 9th – 4th Movement (Glumbek, Campanella)
  • World premiere, Fearful Symmetries (Campanella) November 16 – 19, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Ontario premiere, Diversion (Glumbek), November 16 – 19, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Ontario Tour of Fearful Symmetries (Campanella) and Diversion (Glumbek) November 2, 3, 4, St.Catharines, Oakville, Markham 


  • World premiere, (Don’t) Follow the Instructions (international guest choreographer Mauro Astofli), September 23-26, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • World premiere, Replace/Me (Ryan Lee), September 23-26, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • World premiere, Beethoven’s 9th – 2nd Movement (Campanella and Glumbek), September 23-26, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Ontario Tour of ….in between… (Campanella and Glumbek), Still (Glumbek), and fractals: a pattern in chaos (Guillaume Coté), November 8-17, Milton, Burlington, North Bay, Kingston
  • Spring Choreographic Workshop, April – May


  • 10th Anniversary Season: Remount of Dora Award Winning …in between… (Campanella and Glumbek), Retrospective excerpts from the company repertoire: fractals: a pattern of chaos (Guillaume Coté), Still (Glumbek), Nothing Twice (Campanella and Glumbek), Contemplation of Betrayal (Glumbek), Unfinished 32 (Campanella and Glumbek), We Will (Kevin O’Day), Subsistence (Glumbek), Full Bloom (Kevin O’Day), Beethoven’s 9th – 1st Movement (Campanella and Glumbek), October 1-4, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • F-Lying: a Fellini Cabaret co-produced with Soul Pepper Theatre
  • Short Stories 2014: 3 new short works –three menandwomen three (Adam Paolozza), Semele (Matjash Mrozewski), Story Inside (Robert Glumbek).
  • Festival Internationale Danse Encore and Saint Sauveur Festival, June and July


  • World premiere of Beethoven’s 9th – 3rd Movement (Campanella and Glumbek), Canadian Premiere of Shifting Silence (Glumbek), remount of Fractals: A Pattern of Chaos (Guillaume Côté), October 2-5, Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Short Stories 2013: the first time a second performance season is added to the company calendar, featuring new choreography by Campanella, Laurence Lemieux and Hanna Kiel, April 24-26


  • Soundstreams Canada commissioned ProArteDanza to create the Canadian Premiere of The Sealed Angel, which featured 5 ProArteDanza dancers in choreography by Lars Scheibner and was presented at Koerner Hall.
  • Season 2012 featured the premiere of a new Campanella-Glumbek co-choreography, “Expire” and celebrated works from the company’s repertoire.
  • The Fellini Cabaret, commissioned by the Young Centre, November


  • Season 2011 featured works by Campanella, Côté, Glumbek, and O’Day at the Fleck Dance Theatre
  • Fractals: A Pattern of Chaos (Guillaume Côté),
  • ProArteDanza toured a Mixed Repertoire Program to Festival International de Danse Encore in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec where en parallel (Campanella) is premiered.
  • Full Bloom (Glumbek,  O’Day,  Huddleston Jr.), Chutzpah! Festival, Vancouver


  • …in between… (Campanella and Glumbek), the company’s first full-evening work
  • Campanella & Glumbek are awarded the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Choreography for …in between…
  • …in between… also receives a Dora Mavor Moore Award  Nomination for Outstanding Performance by the Ensemble and Outstanding Productions
  • Full Bloom (Glumbek, O’Day and Huddleston Jr.) is presented by the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, the Banff Centre, Kevin O’Day-Mannheim Ballett and the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts
  • Full Bloom (Glumbek, O’Day and Huddleston Jr.) is nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Choreography 
  • Summer Intensive Program commissions a work from German artist Luches Huddleston Jr.