Fearful Symmetries

Fearful Symmetries delves into the heart of our increasingly hectic and eclectic society as it engages with the music of the same name by American composer John Adams that, according to Adams, gives the “impression of continuous movement over a shifting landscape.” With that as a springboard, Campanella juxtaposes his own experience as a young immigrant arriving to Canada from Italy to the current generation of young artists, and examines the influence of urban aesthetics and pop culture on both.

Premiered in 2016 at the Fleck Theatre, Toronto.

Choreography: Roberto Campanella with the collaboration of the ensemble

Rehearsal Director: Johanna Bergfeldt

Music: John Adams; by arrangement with Hendon Music Inc., a Boosey & Hawkes company, publisher and copyright owner

Costume Design: pretty, fancy by Krista Dowson

Lighting Design and Production Management: Arun Srinivasan

Stage Management: Sarah O’Brien

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