A Pattern of Chaos

Both strict order and unpredictable influence are integral to the formation of fractals. Fractals occur in nature in the development of snowflakes, flowers or clouds. This idea of similar shapes or patterns on different scales is reflected in the complexity and variation of any artistic creation and, in this case, the physical expression of this theme in choreography.

Premiered in 2011 at the Fleck Theatre, Toronto.

*Guillaume would like to thank the dancers of ProArteDanza for their enthusiastic dedication to the creative process.

Choreography: Guillaume Côté

Rehearsal Direction: Roberto Campanella

Music: Venetians Snares

Costume Design: Deanna Sciortino

Dancers: Johanna Bergfelt, Valerie Calam, Marc Cardarelli, Tyler Gledhill, Mami Hata, Louis Laberge-Côté , Ryan Lee, Marissa Parzei (Oct 5, 8), Erin Poole (Oct 6, 7)

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