Support Passion

ProArteDanza is forever grateful for the generosity of our audience members. We currently have two funds that have been established to help us continue to expand our repertoire of established works and new creations, develop education and outreach opportunities, and explore the intersecting worlds of dance and film.

Passion in Performance Fund

Help us keep the passion alive! Your monthly or annual donation helps support the choreographers, dancers and musicians who work with ProArteDanza and bring their unforgettable performances to the stage. We can’t do it without you.

Training and Scholarship Fund

Participate in our effort to proactively reach out to diverse community groups and attract applicants from historically underrepresented communities. Your contribution will help us to continue to provide training scholarships for students facing financial barriers.

Visit where you can select one of the funds above to show your support for Proartedanza:

Visit where you can select one of the funds above to show your support for Proartedanza:

We are grateful to our sponsors and partners

2020-2021 Individual Donations

  • Lace MacKenzie Family
  • John Adamson
  • Ann Atkinson
  • Krista Kerr
  • Robert Sherrin
  • Donna Climie
  • David Gilmour
  • Maureen Kenny
  • Jerry and Joan Lozinski
  • Jane Spooner
  • Kirk Barton
  • Susan Colbert Wright
  • Judi Conacher
  • Jeanie Davis
  • Belma Diamante
  • Eileen Farrow
  • Brian and Alison Ivey
  • Joanna Ivey
  • Susan MacPherson
  • Philip Moller
  • Al Nasturzio
  • Holly Anderson
  • Peggy Baker
  • Christine Chiba
  • Pina DiSimone and Darren Washer
  • Elenor Colbert
  • Ginette Fournier
  • Julia Gorman
  • Pierre Henry
  • Robert Johnston
  • David Matei
  • Trevor McLain
  • MaryLynne Meschino
  • Romans Pancs
  • Kenny Pearl
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Nada Smith
  • Annie Szamosi
  • Vicki St Denys
  • Madeline Wright
  • Derrick Chiu
  • Judith Cole
  • Lara Gertner
  • Veronica Giannoccari
  • Marilou Hockin
  • Victoria Long
  • Nadia Potts
  • Martha Randall
  • Heather Tay
  • Dianna Weinrib
  • Paul Wilson