TRIGGERS Adjusted Surrender – North American Premiere

Four international artists returned to the Toronto stage in August 2022 and presented after a successful premiere in Germany.

Full evening performance choreographed and performed by: Robert Glumbek, Veronika Kornova-Cardizzaro, Kevin O’Day, Julie Pecard

What TRIGGERS these four remarkable artists during the hour long journey?


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TRIGGERS is a journey through time. On the stage the memory, past present and future meet. Sounds, rhythms and melodies break down the dance piece and evoke moods and images. Music awakens memories that often triggers emotions. Some of them are collected and understood as a universal code. Personal experiences are linked to moments in contemporary history and dancers communicate with each other and audiences through the piece.

The ensemble members of TRIGGERS have long-standing relationships with one another. Together a woven personal story between the four choreographers and dancers offers a sincere exchange of age and gender perspectives that resonates and connects with the audience.


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Photo: Lys-Y-Seng
Design: Harold Sikkema